Breakthrough Negative Thoughts Michele D'Amico Performace CoachWe all struggle from time to time with negative thoughts and thought patterns. When we let ourselves stay in those negative thoughts, it can keep us from enjoying life and getting what we want. Those thoughts keep us stuck.  And while staying stuck can sometimes make us feel safe for a short time, if we stay there too long, we can lose confidence and momentum in achieving our goals.  We are unable to move forward.  If we can’t move forward, we can’t achieve our goals.

Here are some ways to avoid going down the rabbit hole of those negative thoughts.

Detach yourself from negativity.

Remove negative thoughts and ideas from your mind. Let go of unhelpful suggestions and harmful experiences. Focus on the light and positive inspiration. Be aware of how optimism makes your life better.

Avoid dwelling on negativity that can hurt you.

Instead, quickly analyze the feelings and the root causes of the negative emotion or thought. This allows you to make a quick assessment on how to handle the situation.

Have the emotional and mental freedom to manage your thoughts and decide for yourself what you think. You can choose to fight negativity and eliminate it from your life. Avoid creating bonds to negative things, experiences, or emotions.

Keep defenses against negativity strong.

Eliminate all the stress, anxiety, and worries that come with negativity. Throw away and forget harmful things. Get rid of the pain that can damage your soul.

Focus on your center, values, and support network. Turn to them for help during negative circumstances. Remember too, that you always have the option of professional help. You have multiple choices that can assist you on this journey.

Distance yourself from negative people because they hurt your mind and spirit.

While this can sometimes be difficult, know this is healthier than dwelling on the pain.

Today, detach from the negative things in your life to focus on the positive.  Appreciate the universe through an optimistic lens.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I detach from negativity when I am surrounded by it?
  2. Who can help me fight negative thoughts and ideas each day?
  3. What can I do to make negativity less influential in my life?

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