Women’s Empowerment

Last night I attended a screening of a documentary that was quite inspiring and powerful. When I answered the online invite I decided that I would take my teenage daughter. After all, it was a documentary about women called the The Empowerment Project with the tag line – ‘Ordinary women doing extraordinary things.’  The screening was sponsored by a wonderful group of which I am a member called Women Empowered.

womens-empowermentWhat a great thing to expose her to at this age, she’s going to love it, I thought.

Now I admit, I am no spring chicken, in fact let’s just say that I was born before the 1970’s. I walked to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)…raise your hand if you remember that! When I asked my daughter if she would like to go with me,  her first question was “What is it about?” That’s normal, right? I gleefully explained that it was about women and empowerment. Excited, that she was interested, I read her the description that was sent to me….

Five female filmmakers journey across America to encourage, empower and inspire the next generation of strong women.Driving over 7,000 miles from Los Angeles to New York over the course of 30 days, the documentary spotlights 17 positive and powerful women leaders across a variety of lifestyles and industries. Along the way, these filmmakers relay the candid insight on how these women define their success, what it takes to be a woman in their position, and valuable advice on how to improve the female role in the workplace. In celebration of the all-female focus in front of and behind the camera, the filmmakers turned the cameras on themselves, capturing their transformational journey.

Then I looked at my daughter’s face.

Much to my surprise, her nose was turned up and she gave me a sort of ‘eh’ expression. “I’d rather have my girlfriends sleep over that night.” OMG! My immediate response was that it was like a knife in my heart. I mean, I’ve spent my life championing women’s causes and working to build my self-esteem and find my own voice in the world. I grew up with three brothers who were revered just for being boys, for goodness sake!

Ahhh! Gasp! But, but….

And just like that, she turned around and went upstairs.

I was speechless and, might I add, a little dumbfounded. I mean does she know me? Has she ever met me? After a few long minutes, more than a few deep breaths and a conversation with a dear friend of mine who is about my age, I was a bit more philosophical. My friend and I decided that maybe it’s a good thing. Maybe, just maybe, she felt this way because she has always had a voice. I made sure when she was younger that her voice was heard and always cultivated the attitude that she could do or be anything that she wanted to do or be. Perhaps the fact that she believes that about herself and the world that she lives in means things have changed.

And well… that’s inspiring and empowering.


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