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I believe everyone deserves to live a life full of joy, potential and success. However, sometimes, you may have transitions in life that seem more difficult than others to work through. Or, you may have blocks that seem insurmountable to achieving your dreams and goals. During these times, negativity, in the form of negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, fear, resistance and self-doubt, Dr. Michele D’Amico Performance Coach Chris G Testimonialcan take hold of your life, preventing you from reaching your full potential. Breakthrough coaching with me can help you break through this negativity to find the answers within you to change your story and your life.

What is Breakthrough Coaching?

Breakthrough coaching is a powerful, transformative process that increases your self-awareness, so you can identify actions you can take to reach your goals. Life coaching is not therapy. It does not focus on the past. Instead, it focuses on your present and future actions.

As a life coach, I provide a welcoming place to freely discuss your challenges, obstacles and opportunities. During the coaching relationship, I bring a neutral, objective perspective to a problem or life transition. In addition to asking you lots of questions, I use practical exercises and behavioral modification techniques (that translate into your daily life) to lead you on a path to self-awareness and self-fulfillment. I offer support when tackling fears or blocks, and when confronting unproductive belief patterns.

Additionally, I mentor, guide and support you in clarifying your goals and mapping out a course of action to achieve your desired results. Through focused conversations, together, you will continually evaluate your progress to make any necessary adjustments.

My goal is to empower you to find your strengths and master your weaknesses, so you can make the necessary revisions to your life story to boost your self-confidence and become a better version of yourself. Rather than telling you what to do with your life, I encourage you to find your own solutions to life’s challenges. I inspire you to get out of your own way and stay motivated to achieve the goals you desire. I offer reassurance while you are navigating life’s peaks and valleys with resilience and clarity, so you can reach your full potential.

Are you ready to reach your personal and professional goals?
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As your life coach, I will be your committed partner in helping you clarify and achieve your goals for personal growth, business success, better health, enhanced relationships, self-discovery, motivation, or whatever it is that you really desire to improve in your life. Together, we will look at the fine print of your life to uncover your true self and the keys to unlock and unblock your potential.

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