He proposed, you accepted…now what?

He Proposed You Accepted Now What Blog Post Michele D'AmicoGetting married is a wonderful, magical and momentous occasion. From the excitement of the proposal to the day of the nuptials, there is so much to do and so many decisions to make. Wedding planners are a good start. They help with all of the “I do” details and can really organize all of the vendors and timetables that need to be met.

But what about your stress levels, fears and that feeling that you need to make everyone happy while staying true to yourself?

Perhaps, you should consider a coach. That’s right, a coach!

Life and relationship coaches can help both the bride and groom navigate the rough waters of planning your happy day. From basic communication issues (with each other or with other family members and friends) to reducing stress or simply keeping you on track and focused in your otherwise busy lives.

A wedding planner will take care of all of the moving parts. A relationship coach can take care of the bride and groom. You have all the love you need. A relationship coach can help you to balance the love and the stress of making your day perfect so you can both put your best foot forward on the big day.

As a coach, I help people in transition. Marriage is one of the biggest transitions in anyone’s life. Unlike a therapist, a coach is focused on the present and the future. How can we solve problems and keep moving forward. I work with individuals and couples to improve communication and to reduce stress levels during this amazing yet sometimes complicated time.

Let me help you as you prepare to open the door on your new life together.

I am also an ordained, non-denominational officiant who can marry you on your very special day.



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